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Natural Foods - Snacks

Our products are sulfite free, sugar free, fat free, preservative free while packed with real flavor!


Sweet Potato Skillet with Walnuts and Pears
  • Caroline Bisaillon
Slow Cooker Middle Eastern Chickpea Eggplant Stew
  • Caroline Bisaillon
Roasted cabbage with crispy chickpeas and tahini sauce
  • Caroline Bisaillon
Sweet potato curry with chickpeas
  • Caroline Bisaillon

About Hippocrates Bio

HIPPOCRATE BIO is a family business born in Montérégie which is committed to providing you with healthy and delicious ingredients and snacks. 

For you, we choose our ingredients with care.

Certified GMO-free and organic, we even go so far as to make sure our nuts are not pasteurized or from intensive watering. This is also why we import our nuts from Europe. 

Our food comes from a production method free from chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other additives harmful to the soil and to health. 

We want to give you the best food, in its natural state. 

We offer you foods of 100% vegetable origin, which have a positive impact on the planet through their air cleaning function.