Cookie dough popsicles

Cookie dough popsicles

A perfect and fresh snack, ideal to refresh you in this summer period! These cookie dough flavored popsicles have a creamy texture and each bite is bursting with chocolate and nuts! Entirely vegetable and made with healthy ingredients, they will become your new favorite frozen dessert!

Cookie dough popsicles  

Makes about 16 mini lollipops 





  1. In a food processor, combine all ingredients together (except chocolate and nuts) until smooth 
  2. The mixture should be thick but creamy. Add the chocolate and nuts, pulsing a few times.
  3. Pour into mini muffin tins and add a stick. (you can also eat it with a spoon if you don't have a stick handy!)
  4. Freeze until they are solid.
  5. Thaw a few minutes before eating for a cold but creamy texture.
  6. To easily remove the pop from its mold, run it under hot water for a few moments.



Bon appétit!




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  • Caroline Bisaillon