The well-kept secret of Almonds!

The well-kept secret of Almonds!

Did you know that almonds are a super food when they are in their natural form?

Unfortunately, the majority of almonds available in stores come from the United States, a country requiring pasteurization.

Indeed, since 2007, the Almond Board of California has adopted a policy requiring the mandatory pasteurization of all almonds after harvest.
Pasteurization requires in this case that all producers and packers treat the almonds with steam or propylene oxide (fumigation with propylene oxide, a carcinogenic bactericide banned in Canada until very recently) in order to destroy any potentially harmful bacteria before shipping them to their customers. While the steaming process is effective, it detracts from the flavor and texture, in addition to altering the natural and raw state of the almond.

What are the pasteurization processes?

There are five main types of pasteurization:

1) Steam treatment

2) High heat treatment (roasting)

3) Blanch in hot water

4) Fumigation with propylene oxide (PPO)

5) Dry roast or in oil

What pasteurization does

Pasteurization is used to eliminate potential bacteria. In the event of contamination by bacteria such as Salmonellosis, pasteurization allows their elimination.

However, the high temperatures imposed on the nut not only destroy potential bacteria, but also enzymes, vitamins, and healthy fat bonds. Pasteurization therefore significantly reduces the nutritional quality of this superfood.

Steam pasteurization is the least harmful to the nut and its consumer. In fact, fumigation with PPO has been declared as a carcinogenic process and is now banned in Canada.


How to get raw, unpasteurized nuts

The best way to make sure you have unpasteurized nuts is to import them. Spain is one of the major producers of Almonds. Almonds that are grown in Spain also have the advantage of not undergoing intensive watering unlike almonds produced in California.

At Hippocrate.Bio, the quality of food is our priority.
In order to have almonds in their natural state, packed with nutrients and benefits for our bodies, we choose to import our almonds from Spain. In fact, nuts imported from Europe are not subject to compulsory pasteurization.
Our nuts are therefore completely natural, raw, unpasteurized and certified organic. 

So treat yourself to almonds, but above all, be well informed of their origin and their method of cultivation.

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