The hidden virtues of dried mango!

The hidden virtues of dried mango!

What is your favorite fruit? For my part, mango occupies one of the first places in my top 3! Fresh if possible, otherwise I really like the dried mango! When I have a craving for sugar, they succeed perfectly in satisfying me! In addition, its little smell of the tropics and its orange color promptly bring me to an atmosphere of the tropics.

But did you know that mango has many reasons to eat it daily?

An ecological product!

Dried mango is a product that enhances this fruit and avoids big losses after harvest. Indeed, this fragile fruit, if it is not transformed a few days after its picking, deteriorates and must be discarded. Drying therefore avoids significant wastage given that this fruit is the second most consumed tropical fruit in the world. 

Several methods exist to dry the mango. Many processes involve the addition of sugar, colorings, additives and sulphites in order to preserve a brilliant color, enhanced taste and an interminable shelf life.


For our part, we have chosen to offer you mangos naturally dried.  

They are free from preservatives, sulphites, added sugar, colorings and no other additives, and they are made from mangoes produced on organic farms and from fair trade.


The benefits of dried mango

  • Organic dried mango helps preserve young and supple skin thanks to its vitamin C content, stimulating collagen production. The minerals contained in mango also provide good protection against ultraviolet rays.
  • Dried mango is rich in vitamin E, which tends to stimulate sex hormones and increase desire. Naughty fruit 💕
  • Dried mango is a healthy food filled with dietary fiber that helps digestion and intestinal transit. 
  • It is full of vitamins B6, E and C. These can help normalize cognitive functions, as they help in the synthesis of neurotransmitters. They can help stimulate brain cells, boosting memory and concentration. 
  • Vitamin B contributes to motor control, vision, and several other brain functions, including the regulation of anxiety. Therefore, consuming mango is a natural remedy to fight against depression.

How to consume it?

Here are some ideas on how to enjoy them daily:

  • as a snack, on its own or with nuts or fresh fruit
  • At breakfast: as a garnish on oatmeal, yogurt or cereal
  • For dessert, in a mousse or a cake
  • in a drink like Lassi or Rum 
  • En lunch bars 
  • En Chocolate sauce!!



 And you, you like it how your mango? 🥭🥭🥭


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  • Caroline Bisaillon
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