For us, having environmentally friendly consumption habits is essential. The earth is our natural source of food and for us to benefit from it in a sustainable way, we must adopt thoughtful behaviors.

We are followers of the 3Rs - Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

This is why all our products are offered to you in recyclable bags. (To recycle)

We also suggest that you prioritize the purchase of 1 kg format, resealable, in order to slip your portions into glass or fabric packaging. (Reduce)

We suggest you buy reusable individual size bags to place your snacks. These are ideal for placing in the lunch bag, desk drawer, training bag and more. (Reuse)


Production mode

Our food is organic and therefore produced in a production method free from chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other additives harmful to the soil and to health. 

Our ingredients are chosen with care. Certified GMO-free and organic, we even go so far as to make sure our nuts are not pasteurized or from intensive watering. This is also why we import our nuts from Europe. We want to give you the best food, in its natural state. 

We offer 100% plant-based foods, which have a positive impact on the planet through their air cleaning function.