Why Hippocrate.bio

  • Project history

In recent years, we have observed those around us suffering from multiple health problems. We were also experiencing the impacts of our food choices and a lifestyle that was poorly adapted to humans. We had followed food industrialization and our bodies responded negatively to it. One of Caroline's children having had major health problems, drastically limiting her food intake, Caroline had to turn to a plant-based diet and adapt the consumption habits of the whole family. His awareness of allergenic foods allowed him to discover a varied, tasty diet adapted to the nutritional needs to be met by each individual.

We started reading and researching what causes these health problems and how to fix them. We have decided to take charge of our health. We have therefore approached food in a whole new way ... We have focused our choices on foods exclusively from nature, and therefore unprocessed. From then on, we noticed a remarkable improvement in our overall health. Caroline's son, fed on a force-feed and taking 17 medications on a daily basis, saw all his health problems disappear. Enthusiastic, we decided to share our observations and our experience with those around us. For several years now, Caroline, mother of 4 children, cultivated a huge garden in order to feed her family with healthy and fresh food. Simplicity, the pleasure of seeing plants grow and nourishing themselves with what the planet offers us in a natural way and respecting our environment are essential values ​​for us. Our way of life has changed over time to now live in harmony with them.

As we have become large consumers of nuts, seeds, dried fruits, organic fruits and vegetables, we have noticed that the products are still not very accessible except in large centers, often over-packaged and unfortunately overpriced in many cases. .

We often received comments that these products were overpriced and therefore the decision to change the type of food was only for the well-to-do. The value of food in the short term took precedence over the value of long term health.

In 2017, An idea started to germinate… how to make healthy food accessible to a greater majority of people?

So we started to think about how to get there. We have carried out several searches and we have created a contact network to support us in the process. We have deepened our knowledge with various specialists in so-called alternative natural medicine and continued to observe the positive impacts of our food choices on our health.

After much discussion and research, we realized that the demand for this type of product is constantly increasing and the market is still limited.



  • Company mission

Good health starts with good nutrition, that is our mission.

We are committed to making healthy, natural and tasty foods more accessible, helping to maintain or improve the health of our customers, without sacrificing quality.

We want to inform people that food is the first step in achieving optimal health.

Finally, we want to share our passion for respecting the environment and the earth, our natural source of food.

 As mentioned above, observations on the impacts of healthy eating on health are what drive our business. We have the firm desire to share our experience and to benefit as many people as possible. We want to make people aware of their ability to optimize their health and live fully. 

  With an ecological concern, our products are offered in packaging reduced to the maximum and are recyclable or compostable. At Hippocrate.bio, we believe that health comes from healthy eating and that health should taste good!



Caroline Bisaillon
Founder and CEO
1 (514) 667-5375